About us

Hello and thank you for checking out our vacation homes. My family and I are vacation junkies and have found that the best way to enjoy a vacation is to be comfortable when you travel. We have purchased great homes and condos in some of our favorite vacation spots. We have lovingly decorated these homes to be comfortable for your whole family – from the grandparents to the babies. We travel with our small children and usually our family dog. Each home is equipped for small children and big kids (you parents and grandparents) too. Most locations are fully equipped for babies also. We expect comfort and convenience when we travel and you should also. Each of our homes is ready to host your whole family for a relaxing and fun filled trip. Kitchens are equipped for large meal preparation. We also supply all of your linen needs for the beds, kitchen, baths and beach, pool, lake or hot tub. We are avid bar-b-quers and each location has a gas or charcoal bar-b-que grill. Our children have placed toys in each home or condo for your little ones to enjoy, including pool and beach toys. Even our dog has provided a water and food bowl at each of his favorite vacation spots, sometimes food and treats also.

We want you to enjoy your stay with us and then share with us your favorite vacation memory. We look forward to and cherish your referrals and repeat visits. We own and lovingly manage all of these locations personally. I can help make your vacation relaxing and a family memory you will treasure. Please contact us and let us provide the perfect location for your next family vacation or weekend away.

Thank you – Kerry and Bill Nugent


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